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Unleash Your Creativity:
Permanent Marker Bag Design Competition

Are you ready to leave a lasting impression in the cannabis community? We're calling all artists to transform our Permanent Marker eighth bags into stunning works of art. Your design could be the next face of Permanent Marker!


1. Create: Draw your design on a Permanent Marker 3.5g bag. Must use a permanent marker. No limit on color(s).

2. Capture: Snap a photo of your masterpiece. Make sure the design is completely visible and the lighting is flat.

3. Submit: Fill out the field below with your contact information and then upload your artwork by clicking the "Upload Your Designs" button. Multiple designs are allowed to be submitted at once.
We'll carefully select a winner based off of multiple factors, and the winning design will be featured on the upcoming run of Pressure Pack Permanent Marker 3.5g bags.

Come join us in this celebration of creativity within the cannabis community!

By submitting your design, participants agree to grant us full reprinting rights and all rights to the imagery depicted.
Designs depicting copyrighted characters and imagery will be disqualified from this competition.

Permanent Marker Bag Design Competition
Upload Your Designs ( PNG & JPG )
Thanks for submitting!
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