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Leading the industry in premium flower and small-batch production, Pressure Pack is constantly bringing its passion for cannabis to light. 

The Highest Quality of Exotic Cannabis Strains

At Pressure Pack, we strive to produce the best cannabis available, throughout all of Michigan. From seed to harvesting, each step is thoughtfully planned and expertly cultivated. When you choose a product from Pressure Pack, you can expect a diverse variety of strains, the highest possible quality, and Michigan’s most premium flower.

Recent Drops

Ice Pack by Pressure Pack

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Purple Runtz is known to have euphoric and uplifting effects that are known to be long lasting. It has a smooth smoke with a fruity flavor profile. The colorful buds and scent remind you of a bag of sweet candy. This strain is best smoked when you want to let all of your worries and woes disappear.


Award-winning Campaign

Pressure Pack has won the Q Awards Badge for Best Campaign of the Year in 2022.

Pressure Pack - Ice Pack Purple Runtz.png

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Official Pressure Pack products are sold only to licensed retailers. Before purchasing Pressure Pack, make sure to look for the blue verified checkmark on a retailer's menu. 

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